A Level Playing Field: Women’s Issues

The New York Times OP-ED, Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One-Way Wontonness, by Frank Bruni

In this article one-way wontoness is directed at “attacking a woman by questioning her sexual mores … by using the terms: “Hussy, Harlot, Hooker”   “Where are the comparable nouns for men?  What’s a male slut?”   (The definition of wontoness is cruelty and maliciousness.)  

The author quotes Rush Limbaugh, the newscaster for using demeaning language about Sandra Fluke, a woman who testified before Congress for insurance covered birth control.  He then states that some liberal calls for “an even playing” field” by “giving Limbaugh a pass” assumes an even playing field where one doesn’t exist.”

A tilted or uneven playing field is not fair.  Imagine playing soccer/football or lacrosse on an uphill field.



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