Media Hype for Lin

The New York Times, Monday, February 20, 2010

In the Business Day page of The Times, David Carr, writes about the media and Linn in Media Hype For  Lin Stumbles on Race.   

Jeremy Lin is a 23 year old basketball phenomenon who plays professional basketball for the New York Knicks.  There, apparently, has been some unfortunate racist coverage, but generally  the media loves this story:  “… every once in awhile a tale comes along that turns them (sports reporters} into fanboys…  The Lin story has broken out into the general culture because it is aspirational in the extreme, fulfilling notions that have nothing to do with basketball or race. Most of us are not superstars, but we believe we could be if only given the opportunity.  We are, as a matter of practicality, a nation of supporting players, but who among us has not secretly thought we could be at the top of our business company or team if the skies parted and we had our shot?”

We love stories of success, and like to envision ourselves as a top player like Jeremy Lin. The sports idioms here are players, team, and shot, particularly “shot” which, in this case is a basketball shot at the basket, but in another context could be a shot from a gun.  


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