Wall Street Journal, Monday, November 21, 2011

SPORTS: The Count

“Much like the way Justin Verlander dominated hitters this past season, the Detroit Tigers ace was the clear standout in American League Cy Young Award voting.  Verlander became the 22nd pitcher to win the award unanimously, and is considered one of the favorites to take home the AL MVP (American League Most Valuable Player) award Monday.  But recent history suggests it’s unlikely he’ll win a second trophy.”

There are three idioms here: the title or the count:  the count in baseball is in balls or strikes:  4 balls and the hitter walks to first base; 3 strikes and he is out.  ace (a card games’ term for the highest card) and pitch from  baseball or cricket.  In this article, Verlander is waiting for the count or the opinion of the voters.  Verlander pitches aces and he is an ace, because he is the best.  To pitch a ball is to throw a ball, but the term is used in many metaphorical ways.  Hollywood writers pitch an idea for a movie script.  Business people pitch business ideas.

For more information for the ways baseball terms and gambling and card game terms are used as idioms or metaphorically please see http://www.sports  I put the idioms in italic for easier reference.


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