Is Obama Always Playing The Long Ball?

Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday, November 26-27


“The talk this week was of who was most damaged politically by the failure of the super committee.  The first, admittedly earnest answer is: the country.  We have a projected deficit of $44 trillion.  A group of Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill were charged with coming up with $1.2 trillion cuts.  Just 1.2 our of 44.  Not that hard and they couldn’t do it.

The second party most damaged by the failure was President Obama, that grand strategic thinker who’s always playing long ball.  It is a time of unprecedented and continuing economic crisis,…  He didn’t put his public prestige behind a good outcome… At the end of the day, he didn’t want to spend his political capital.”

A long ball is either a triple or home run in baseball, not a single;   it’s hitting for the fences in the park.



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