The New York Times, Business Day, B1, Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Catching a Wave, and Measuring It, by Quenting Hardy

Sunnyvale, California

“James Gosling wants to network the world’s oceans.”

Mr. Gosling, who designed Java, the computer language, is now working on  a “Wave Glider”, a solo robotic with sensors about the size of a surfboard.  The robotic “measure(s) everything from weather to oil slicks, sharply reducing many of the costs of ocean-related businesses.”   LIquid Robotics, whose product is the “Wave Glider”, wants to network thosands of the gliders.

Sunnyvale is near Silicon Valley and good beaches.  Surfers want to catch good waves in Santa Cruz and nearby beaches.  Perhaps Mr. Gosling is a surfer as well as an inventor.  He has developed a robotic surfboard with computers to travel the ocean recording data which is then transferred to onshore computers to analyze.



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