Judge Throws Curve in Mets Case

The Wall Street Journal: Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Judge Throws Curve in Mets Case,  by Chad Bray and Michael Rothfield

Madoff Trustee Faces Narrowed Case, Higher Hurdle on Claims

New York–“A federal judge on Tuesday narrowed a lawsuit against the owners of the New York Mets Baseball team but ruled that the trustee (Irving Picard) recovering money for victims of Bernard Madoff’s fraud could still seek to seize $1 billion of phony profits and principal he says they withdrew before the Ponzi scheme collapsed.”

However, according to the article, Mr. Picard, the trustee, would have to meet a higher standard to seize the principal than he would for the profits of the scheme.

There are two idioms, one in the headline (“Throws Curve”), a baseball idiom, and one in the subheading, that there would be a “Higher Hurdle” on claims.  Both idioms are in italic and quotes.  A curve pitch in baseball is often harder for the batter to hit; a higher hurdle for a runner is also more difficult than a lower hurdle.  In this case, the legal standard is now also more difficult than is was.

The sports (baseball and track) idioms used as headlines in this article are brilliant and convey the essence of the Madoff trustee’s case succinctly.  It is baseball season still with playoffs just starting.


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