Knock Out Artists

The Wall Street Journal, Saturday/Sunday, September 10-11, 2011

SPORTS : Saturdays, Semis/ Old Age and aggression meets youth and patience, by Tom Perrota and Carl Bialik

The semifinals of the U.S. Open were held last Saturday, September 10th, between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer on the men’s side and Caroline Woznilacki and Serena Williams on the women’s.  The oldsters were Federer and Williams vs. the youngsters Woznilacki and Djokovic.

The “knockout” artists were the oldsters, because “they win games with perfectly places serves and quick-follow strikes.”  Both Djokovic and Williams won their games and advanced to the finals.

Knockout usually refers to a boxing match not tennis, but is appropriate here because of the respective tennis players approach to games:  Knock then out of the game and go on to the next.  In a boxing match, if a boxer is “knocked out” by his opponent, and goes down for the count of 10, the match is over.



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