Not a Level Playing Field for U.S. Business?

The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MANAGING CAREERS: Boss Talk, by James R. Hagerty:  “Obama’s Aussie’ Touts Vision for Dow Chemical and the U.S.”

“Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris…is crusading for more effective U.S. economic policies.”

Mr. Liveris has just published a book in 2011 called Made It in America,” prescribing policies to boost high-tech manufacturing, including free-trade agreements and simpler regulation.”

Mr. Liveris quotes the following to Mr. Hagerty, the author of the article:  “All I do is point out that it’s not a level playing field, that other countries offer these subsidies and tax incentives and are attracting investment…  We do subsidize  defense, we do subsidize parts of agriculture.  So why are we afraid of the conversation when it comes to manufacturing?”

Another playing field, this one not a level playing field for the U.S.



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