Moore’s Law: Transistors Have Had Good Innings

The Economist,  August 20th 2011

Science and Technology

Transistors: Plugging the Leaks, pp.71.72

“As physical limits bite, electronic engineers must build ever cleverer transistors:

MOORE’S LAW– the prediction made in 1965 by Gordon Moore, that the number of transistors on a chip of given size would double every two years–has had good innings.”–from “clunky” to “transistors now measured in billionths of  a metre.”

It’s baseball season in the U.S. now:  Transistors have had good innings in the years since 1965 ushering in the “Age of Information Technology”, just as a baseball team has to  have good innings to win the World Series.  According to the Economist article, the Moore  prediction might continue to be true a little bit longer with some new engineering ideas.



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