Wrestling With the Deficit

A crisis for sure.  August 2nd is looming and the U.S. “Markets Swoon on Debt Fear“:  Wall Street Journal, July 28 headline

Meanwhile, former wrestlers in the U.S. House of Representatives are vigorously defending very conservative positions.  Representative Jim Jordan, a college wrestling champion, is “on the mat with Boehner” (p. A5, WSJ, 7/28/11), wrestling with the Speaker of the House over the deficit deal; and Representative Joe Walsh, a former state wrestler, “told The National Review that in politics you pin your opponent whenever possible. ‘We want to get the win now.” ( New York Times, Editorials, July 27, 2011.)

The terms in italics above are idiomatic wrestling terms.


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  1. Wrestling With the Deficit ? Sports Idioms Blog | rydunelonefu Says:

    […] Source: https://jeanhenry.wordpress.com/2011/07/28/wrestling-with-the-deficit/ […]

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