The Outlook For Game Changing Technologies For Space Ventures Is Bleak

After the Space Shuttle, New York Times Editorial, July 22, 2011

“The arguments for bold, and inspiring, missions still hold:  The smooth landing of the shuttle Atlantis on Thursday closed an era in America’s human space flight program that had triumphs and tragedies over the past three decades but was long overdue to end.  The question now is whether the nation can  the will to push hard for a far more ambitious set of manned voyages…

We were pleased when President Obama sought to rejuvenate the space program by calling on NASA to develop ‘game-changing’ technologies to provide cheaper and faster travel deep into space.  But those plans were reined in when Congress virtually dictated that NASA use existing technologies to build a new heavy-lift rocket and crew capsule needed for such voyages.  Many legislators are arguing for returning to the Moon first.”

There are two idioms or metaphors here:  ‘game-changing’  and  reined in.  President Obama was acting as a coach and President who wanted change, but was pulled back by Congress.  His plans (the horse) were reined in, or pulled back, by Congress.


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