President Obama Should Take Off His Gloves

The New York Times, Tuesday, June 14, 2011, Editorials

Nearly a Year After Dodd-Frank

President Obama must nominate–and fight for–top-notch financial regulators

“Without strong leaders at the top of the nation’s financial regulatory agencies, the Dodd-Frand financial reform doesn’t have a chance. Whether it is protecting consumers against abusive lending, reforming the mortgage market or reining in too-big-to-fail banks, all require tough and experienced regulators.”

Apparently, Mr. Obama has been criticized for “not doing battle” for some of the Democratic nominees.  The editorial adds that the Republicans “were more interested in obstruction” of the nominees. “It’s past time for President Obama to take off the gloves.”

Boxers usually fight with gloves on.  If fighters take off their gloves, they want to hit hard.



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