Colonel Qaddafi and His Migrant Pawns

New York Times OP-ED, Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Killing Seas, by Hans Lucht

According to this article, “armed Qadda loyalists are forcing migrants onto the high seas to protest the NATO airstrikes in support of Libya’s rebels.  African and Asian migrants are the pawns in this brutal geopolitical faceoff.

“As Colonel Quaddafi plays his migration card anew, Europe must  ensure that the Mediterranean does not again become a mass grave for African asylum seekers.”  (On May 6, over 600 asylum seekers and refugees were in a boat that went down at sea.)

Pawns are used in chess and in war.  In chess they cannot move as well as a queen, king or knight.  In real life they are unimportant people who are being used by others.   Apparently, Colonel Quaddafi has a pack of cards, the migration card  being the one he uses to try and stop airstrikes, the refugees the pawns in this faceoff. 

A faceoff is used in hockey  when the referee drops the puck on the ice between two opponents who are facing each other.


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