The House Speaker Moves To the End Zone

New York Times Editorials, Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Republicans Maneuver Toward a Shutdown

“Speaker John Boehner (U.S. House Republicans) and his negotiating team have continually moved the end zone.”

“The House Republicans on Tuesday made it clear to anyone who had missed it that they are not inteesed in a deal on the current federal budget.  In a meeting at the White House, they rejected a deal to get thruough the next six months.”

The metaphor, the end zone, from American football refers here to a fiscal “shutdown” in many areas of the federal budget.  In football, it refers to the end of the field where a score may be made by either opposition, but normally by the offensive team.  The Republicans here are on the offensive.

There seems to be a plethora of football terms now as it is football season.  Look for them!  If you see any of interest, let me know.  Thanks.  Jean Henry



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