Punting Justice Offshore

The New York Times, Tuesday, April 5, 2011, Editorials

Cowardice Blocks the 9/11 Trial

“The administration gives in to Congress’s baseless arguments, punting justice offshore.”

“Last year, Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. described a federal court trial for the self-professed mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, as ‘the defining event of my time as attorney general.’  On Monday, Mr. Holder’s dream for demonstrating the power of the American court system crumbled when he announced that the trial would take place not in New York City or anywhere in the United States but before a military commision at the Guantanomo Bay, Cuba, prison camp.”

The administration is on the offensive here, punting justice offshore to Cuba after some senators and Mayor Michael Bloomburg objected about the trial being held in the U.S.  “Congress  then made the (federal) trial impossible last year with a measure prohibiting any spending to move prisoners from Guantanamo to the United States.”

Punting is primarily a football term, but, also, one used in soccer and rugby:

It’s fourth down and let’s punt by kicking the ball to the opposing team, in football usually on the fourth down, when the ball needs to be turned over to the opposing team. It was fourth down for the administration and they punted.



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