A Champion Surfboarder Doesn’t Toe the Line

The New York Times Sports, Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Champion for Surfers and for Causes, by Zach Weisberg

“Cori Sumacher si the reigning women’s world longboard champion, yet she has no major sponsors or endorsements….

As a woman and a longboarder, Schumacher struggles at the bottom of surfing’s hierarchy.  But instead of toeing the line she has taken an unusual approach, using her success in the water as a platform to take a stand on issues in hope of enacting social change in her sport and beyond.”

Toeing the line is a metaphor for staying within certain lines in a sport, and parameters in other occupations.  It may have come originally from the sport of fencing, and later from the English Parliament where there were lines beyond which oppositions could not cross, because they might wound each other with their swords.



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