A Changed Starbucks: Hitting the Cover Off the Ball. Does It Last?

The New York Times: Sunday Business, March 13, 2011

A Changed Starbucks.  A Changed C.E.O, by Claire Cain Miller


Howard Schultz Tries to Recapture a Chain’s Heyday

“Howard Schultz…turned a few coffeehouses here into the vast corporate Empire of the Bean.”

“But during the depths of the recession, Starbucks nearly drowned in its caramel macchiato.  Mr. Shultz, in this interview, states: “Growth had a life of its own–and that’s O.K. when you’re hitting the cover off the ball every time, but, at some point, nothing lasts forever.”

Hitting the cover off the ball is an idiom from sports using balls.  It certainly is from baseball, but could be from tennis and perhaps from other sports:   cricket?   Comments?



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