Kershaw’s Trip to Africa: Outside His Strike Zone

Sports Sunday:  The New York Times, Sunday, February 27, 2011, by Karen Crouse

“…the barefoot children (Zambian orphans) stood in awe as they watched Kershaw’s curveball spin and dip.  Kershaw’s trip to Africa last month was well outside his strike zone, which is why he is eager to go back.”

The Dodger’s left handed pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, went to Africa in January with his wife “to help orphans.”  This trip was outside his strike zone because it was outside the box, a metaphor or idiom for doing things in a different or not normal way.  Normally, a pitcher wants the ball he throws to go inside the strike zone, the area between the knees and the shoulders of the batter and over home plate.  Otherwise it is a “ball”.   Thee strikes and the batter is out;  four balls and the batter walks onto first base.  Here, however, he wants to go back to Africa to help.



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