Republican Freshmen Offer Shotgun Approach to Deficit

San Francisco Chronicle, Monday, February 21, 2011:  EDITORIAL

GOP freshmen offer phony cuts:

“A quick, huge slash to the federal budget may be what the Republican freshman class in Congress wants.  But the shotgun spray of these cuts, plus the fact that few will ever happen, should infuriate voters who want genuine fiscal reform.”

A shotgun spray is actually a more effective metaphor for this article than my headline, the more usual shotgun approach.  The actual cuts have been passed by the House, but still need to be worked on and approved by the Senate and the President, which is unlikely.

A shotgun formation is used in American football when the quarterback is back from the center, frequently alone, while his receivers spread widely giving him multiple options.

Multiple starting tees for the round is a  shotgun start in golf tournaments.


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