Egypt: The Army Appears to be Calling the Shots

FINANCIAL TIMES:  Monday, January 31, 2011

Egyptian Protesters reject new government: Mabarak clings to power, by Andrew England in Cairo, Daniel Dombey in Washington and Roula Khalaf in London:

“Protesters across Egypt kept up the pressure for the immediate removal of Hosni Mubarak..,”

“The regime‘s opponents said they were forming a committee to negotiate with the army, the power that appears to be calling the shots.”

Calling the shots is used in pool;  the player says what ball he or she is going to try to put into which of the six pockets in the table. If they call the pocket correctly and the ball goes into that pocket, they gain a point and continue to “call the shots’.  

In the case of the Egyptian rebellion, the army appears to have the power to call the shots.  What “pocket” and which “ball” remains to be determined, as does their success.



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