Moving Target, Cliff Lee, Superstar Pitcher

Wall Street Journal, December 18-19:  REVIEW, by Joe Queenan

Philadelphia to New York: Drop Dead                                                                                             (With a picture of a bulls-eye target with arrows)

“THE STUNNING DECISION by lefty superstar Cliff lee to spurn the New York Yankees’$250 million offer and sign with the Philadelphia Phillies for $30 million less has spawned the usual wisecracks about the City of Brotherly Love.”

Mr. Queenan compares Philadelphia and New York sarcastically, playing to his readers questions about pitcher Lee’s choice.

Actually, the drawing of a standing target next to the article’s lead sentence is not correct;  a standing target does not move unless an arrow is unleashed with such force as to knock it over.  A moving target is usually a bird, a plane, or a clay pidgeon shot at by hunters or in by opponents in a war. The idiom in this article refers to Mr. Lee simply moving to Philadelphia.



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