How to Level A Playing Field

New York Times, Friday, December 17, 2010

UPS Advertisement:  How to Level A Playing Field

This UPS (United Parcel Service) ad emphasizes logistics for large and small companies, and that UPS can serve small companies just as efficiently as large ones, thereby “leveling the field” for all companies.  “This is a time”, says Dr. Lucius Riccio, professor at Columbia Business School, “when the smallest companies can compete with the largest ones–sometimes with the advantage of being more nimble and quicker to seize opportunities.”

From UPS:  the closing sentence in the ad states, “See how we can level the playing field for you. Visit the”

This idiom, level the playing field, is a sports idiom used primarily in business and in war, but could be used in many other instances.  A  level playing field is fairer for the opponents because it is flat.   For samples of sentences, please go to



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