The Game Plan: Saving for Retirement

The Wall Street Journal, December 12, 2010:

The Game Plan

How some people are saving for retirement–and what financial advisers thinkof those strategies

“The Game Plan takes a look at how indiviuals and families are saving for retirement–and then asks financial advisers to comment on those strategies.  You’re invited to share your own retirement-savings plans by sending and email to”

Juggling Several Retirement Plans

All sports and most games, including gambling, have game plans, plans for how to proceed.  For instance, a football team might discuss sample moves their opponent might use.  A casino may set their slot machines to return a calculated percentage to the house.

Juggling is a sport and a game.  Used as an idiomatic headline it immediately conveys to the reader that the subject couple’s retirement strategies have changed over the years, and probably will in the future.  They need to juggle their needs and resources over the years.  Juggling is a game/sport where the participants throw numbers of  items into the air, normally from hand to hand, but other parts of the body may be used.

One of the persons interviewed, Catherine Riordan, stated that retirement is “a moving target.  It’s a lot less predictable than I hoped it would be at this point in our lives.”

Like other idiomatic statements, a moving target, conveys the idea that Ms. Riordan needs to keep looking at what’s changing in her life, as a sportsman/hunter needs to adjust to a duck flying or a clay pidgeon being shot out of a gun.





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