Basketball Stars in the Mideast

Wall Street Journal, Friday, December 10, 2010

Global Hot Spot:  Hoops Stars Make a Fast Break for the Mideast

Good pay, Passionate Fans Lure U.S. Players to Region; Hoping for a Salaam Dunk

“Reasons for this emerging hoops hot spot include a global downturn, which has salaries in Europe way down from years past, and oil-rich emirs, who use basket ball to compete for social status.”

Basketball players make a fast break, running the length of the court towards the opponents’ basket,  hoping to score.

“Hoping for a Salaam Dunk” is a great play on words using the idiom  “slam  dunk”  for Salaam Dunk.  Salaam is the Arabic for “Peace”

“We used to be the team of all Muslims… says Tammar Jaroudi, a Riyadi team executive.  The Hariri case has hurt us with Shitte fans. He jokes that what Lebanon needs now is a ‘Salaam’ dunk.”

We all hope for “Salaam” on basketball courts and in the world.


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