Moves Between the Forty Yard Lines

Hi, this is a new one, at least new to me, a football metaphor on CNBC Business News and Strategy Session, Thursday, December 2010 12: 15.  (I italicize idioms.)

Kenneth Moelis of Moelis & Company, a very successful U.S. Merger and Acquisitions Firm,  talked about the business climate and business deals;  I am paraphrasing here:  There is little room to move, movement  “between the 40 yard lines.”

This would be comparable to, analagous to a baseball metaphor: “Stay between the lines (on the baseball field).”

Mr. Moelis also used a baseball metaphor, “behind the curveball“,  which in business is perhaps too little too late, but in baseball relates to a hitter who hits too late to hit a ball thrown with a curve by the pitcher.

A former quarterback, who is also a businessman, wondered how the business or the play would “score”.



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