Immigration Hardball: A National Doubling-Down on Enforcement

The New York Times, Monday, November 15, 2010:  Editorial Page

Immigration Hardball

“Republicans will have the next two years to set the immigration agenda in the House of Representatives. If their legislation looks anything like their campaign ads, there will be no way for illegal immigrans to get right with the law and no real solution to the problem of illegal immigration.  Just a national doubling-down on enforcement, with still more border fencing and immmigration agents, workplaces locked down, and states and localities setting police dragnets on what always wan–and still ought to be–federal turf.” …

The head of ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) under POResident George W. Bush once gave the Senate a ballpark estimate: $94 billion (to detain and deport every last illegal immigrant it finds).

There are two baseball idioms (in italic) in this article as stated above:  “hardball” and ‘ballpark estimate”, the latter similar to “in the ballpark” (see for the explanations) and “doubling-down”, a gambling game idiom, used in the game of black jack for doubling a bet.

The author of the editorial believes the Republicans will get much tougher with illegal immigration.


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