How Wall Street Fleeced the World

Time, October 18, 2010:  Movies

“The searing new doc(umentary) Inside Job indicts the bankers and their Washington pals.”  This article highlights Charles Ferguson’s Inside Job while mentioning his Oscar-nominated film No End in Sight, the latter analyzing “the Bush administration’s slipshod  planning of the Iraq occupation.”

“The larger message of both No End in Sight and Inside Job is that American optimism, the engine for the nation’s expansion, can have tragic results.  The conquest of Iraq? A slam dunk.  Gambling billions on risky mortgages? …the geniuses in charge constructed faith-based policies that enriched their pals; they stumbled toward a precipice, and the rest of us fell off.”

The sports idiom in this article is underlined:  A slam dunk is part of a sarcastic sentence about the Bush Administration’s idea that the Iraq war would be easy to win.  A slam dunk in basketball is an easy basket.



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