A Psychiatrist and Batting Averages

National Public Radio, July 13, 2010

Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Carlat, was interviewed about his new book, “Unhinged”.

The interviewer asked Dr. Carlat if the drug companies for whom he gave speeches were looking at his batting averages, if they were tracking his effectiveness in promoting the company’s products.  He finally realized that the companies for whom he worked were not nearly as interested in the medical education of his speeches as the marketing of the product.  He became disillusioned and decided to “tell the whole truth.”  The next day the drug company’s District Manager came to Dr. Carlot’s office asking if he was as enthusiastic as before, saying “You used to have home runs.”

Batting averages are calculated as a percentage of hits at bat completed as compared to times (not counting walks) at bat.  A home run is usually a hit into the stands or out of the park so that the batter rounds the bases to home plate.

Sacrifice fly?? Anyone know if that counts as a hit.


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