The National Football League Lost a Bet

The New York Times Editorial, Thursday, May 27, 2010

“The National Football League (NFL) does not condone gambling, but it lost a giant bet this week when the Supreme Court firmly rejected its contention that it is not subject to the nation’s antitrust laws.  …when it comes to selling merchandise, charging for parking and paying players, they have to play by the rules.”

“The NFL was sued for restraint of trade by Amercian Needle, a company that makes team-logo clothing,..”

“Antitrust lawyers say this is the first Supreme Court victory by an antitrust plaintiff since 1992.  The public won, too.”

I have gambling idioms in my book, “How to Play the Game: Everyday American Sports & Games Idioms.”   We use gambling idioms all the time: “games of chance.”  Actually, and unfortunately, risk and chance are part of the game, especially if executives think they are smarter than the roll of the dice, so to speak: oil spills, the stock market, derivatives, and many more.


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