Fishing Trip for Barclays As It Seeks Game in U. S.

Wall Street Journal, by Sara Schaeffer Munoz and David Enrich

Wednesday, March 10, 2010: MONEY & INVESTING

Fishing Trip for Barclays As It Seeks Game in U. S.

LONDON: “After buying up Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s North American operations at the peak of the financial crisis, British Bank Barclay PLC is on the prowl for another major aquisition in the U.S., according to people close to the matter.

Barclays is hunting for a retail bank at a good price that would give it more deposits and build on the presence of Barclays Capital in the U.S., these people said.  The bank, in response to potential changes in banking regulation, has designated an internal team to assess possible targets, these people said.  Barclays is focused only on reconnaissance right now, and no deal is imminent, they said.”

Game, hunting, fishing trip, target :  These are all sports metaphors or idioms to “catch” the reader’s eye and speak to a British bank’s search for a retail bank in the U. S. to buy. After hunting or fishing will they catch one?  (Hunting game in the U.S. is used in the same sense as shooting game in the U.K.)


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