U.S. Stock Rally: The Dow Making a Run

The Wall Street Journal, Monday, March 29, 2010, by E.S.Browning

Stock Rally at Mercy of Rising Rates

With the Dow Making a Run Toward 11000 Again, Investors Keep one Eye on the Bond Market

“Lately stock investors have welcomed good economic news, reading it as a sign that the economy is regaining its footing...

Signs of nervousness have already appeared.  The Dow on Thursday made a run at the 1100 mark, but fell back amid concerns about the bond market.

The DOW Jones is a barometer or index of stocks on U.S. stock exchanges.  Normally, one would say that the stock index is going up and then dropped back or went lower.   Here the author uses running metaphors, footing, running, fell back for the reader to picture what was happening.



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