A Curveball Alters Talks Over Reform on Wall Street

NY Times, Tuesday, February 2, 2010:

“President Obama’s proposals to tax and curb the activities of Wall Street (NY City Financial Sector) have thrown an unpredictable element into the debate over financial regulatory reform.  They also have touched off an intensive new round of lobbying and raised questions in Congess over whether his plan will add urgency or merely bog things down.”

Subheading: Obama Throws a Curve Into Talks about Wall Street:

The House has passed its own regulatory measure in December of 2009 to put new controls on businesses and financial institutions.  The Senate Banking Committee has four bipartisan groups currently working on reform.   The question is what will happen now with Obama, metaphorically speaking as a pitcher throwing a curve ball (a ball in baseball which is unpredictable and difficult for the batter to hit),   into the regulation talks.



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