A Team of Soldiers: Horse Soldiers in Afghanistan

Doug Stanton, the author of “Horse Soldiers’, the story of a band of U.S. soldiers who “rode to victory in Afghanistan”  needed to find a source for his book.   He was looking for Mark House, a soldier who might be willing to meet with him.

Stanton said to one of a group of soldiers, “I’m working on a book.”

“Blank stare.  Then I threw a Hail Mary.  I told him I wanted to know what it was like to wake in the predawn hours on a tree-lined street in the middle of America and leave for war… Children’s toys fill the cracked driveways of the neighbors’ houses up and down the street… A man steps outside, walks to his car, and turns for a last look.  He may not see this place again. This was the face I waned to see, I said to the soldier–the face of that man, in those private hours.

He held out his hand.  ‘I’m Mark House,’ he said.

He smiled.  ‘You found him.”

A last effort, a Hail Mary, (see previous blogs) got Doug Stanton his interview.


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