Hail Mary Passes

Hi.  Just saw an article about medical care in the NY Times, 12/23/09: “Weighing the Medical Costs of End of Life Care”, by  Reed Abelson.  “Coming to UCLA (Medical Center) was our Hail Mary Pass” said the wife of a 46 year old man who needed a heart transplant.  They were desperate and in football terms I suppose you could say that it was the last few minutes of the 4th quarter of his life’s game.

In football terms:  A  “Hail Mary” is always the last play of the game.  Team “A” is behind Team “B” by a few points;  there is only time for one more play.  The quarterback of Team “A” throws a very long pass down the field, perhaps 50 or 60 yards, hoping it will be caught by the receiver for a touchdown.

The loving wife above was her husband’s quarterback.  Unfortunately, he died.


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