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Hail Mary Passes

December 27, 2009

Hi.  Just saw an article about medical care in the NY Times, 12/23/09: “Weighing the Medical Costs of End of Life Care”, by  Reed Abelson.  “Coming to UCLA (Medical Center) was our Hail Mary Pass” said the wife of a 46 year old man who needed a heart transplant.  They were desperate and in football terms I suppose you could say that it was the last few minutes of the 4th quarter of his life’s game.

In football terms:  A  “Hail Mary” is always the last play of the game.  Team “A” is behind Team “B” by a few points;  there is only time for one more play.  The quarterback of Team “A” throws a very long pass down the field, perhaps 50 or 60 yards, hoping it will be caught by the receiver for a touchdown.

The loving wife above was her husband’s quarterback.  Unfortunately, he died.

Upping the Ante in Afghanistan

December 19, 2009

From  The NY Times, OP-ED page, 12/1/2009: “A Tragic Mistake”, Bob Herbert, with the sub-headline, “Upping the Ante in Afghanistan”.

“Upping the ante” is a term used usually in the game of poker when one increases their bet.  As a metaphor Mr. Herbert uses it here in his column about the U.S. administration’s increase in troop levels to be sent to Afghanistan.

This could also be used in business as a metaphor related to increasing investment in a project.

“The Gloves Come Off at Amazon and Wal-Mart”

December 2, 2009

New York Times, November 24, 2009:

“The Gloves Come Off at Amazon and Wal-Mart” is the title of a front page story about a price war between the two retail companies this fall.

In normal boxing matches the boxers wear gloves. A blow is cushioned by the padded gloves both for the boxer hitting (punching) his opponent and for the opponent being hit. If gloves are taken off the match becomes tougher for both.


December 2, 2009

My husband is an attorney. Below is the title of a postcard sent him:
“Slam dunk attorney billing by Interbill.”

If you look at the previous blog on this site it will give you the meaning/definition of “slam dunk”. In the above case, the business emphasizes their services to attorneys as the best and the simplest to use by comparing it to a basket or score in basketball:

“Learn to use in minutes.
Toll free support.
Fixed price…”

“Getting started is easy. We do all the work and we do it free.”