Is Golf a Slam Dunk for President Obama?

“The Wall Street Journal”, November 24, 2009:

“Quietly, the President Finds That Golf is No Slam Dunk”
“A Star on the Court, He’s Called a Hacker On the Course; Fans Miss the Original Guy.”

Obama apparently played a “mean” game of basketball during the campaign for president, but he is not a very good golfer. “Slam Dunk” refers to what looks like an easy basket in the game of basketball. What’s interesting about this headline and usage is that an idiom used for one sport, basketball, is used in conjunction with another sport, golf.

IDIOM: slam dunk

Literal: a shot made by jumping in the air over the basket and throwing or putting the basketball into the basket.
For example: Michael Jordan slam dunked the ball to win the game for Detroit.

The metaphorical or idiomatic use of a slam dunk is a decisive action which was easy to accomplish:
“We got the business. I slam dunked the deal.”


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