During the second episode of Charlie Rose’s Brain Series, the topic was “The Perceiving Brain – Sight and Visual Perception With Co-Host Eric Kandel of Columbia University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Tony Movshon of New York University, Pawan Sinha of MIT, Nancy Kanwisher of MIT, and Pawan Sinha of MIT.”

Pawan Sinha Associate Professor of Neuroscience at MIT, was asked “to elaborate on the clues whereby the brain is able to put objects together?”, for example how does one get to the point where one recognizes faces.

Dr. Sinha prefaced his remarks by saying: : “It’s a whole big question, and we still are at the starting box in our understanding of how this process unfolds. “

(If you want to see or hear the transcript of this fascinating discussion go to

The starting box is the place runners wait for the signal to begin the race.

It also could be used in business for beginning a project, for example: Question: “How’s the merger going?” Answer: “We’re just at the starting box.” Out of the starting box could be used when talks are a little farther along.

I suppose the same could be said for personal relationships: “How’s the romance going?” We’re just out of the starting box.” would convey a beginning relationship. And perhaps setting up a date could be said to be at the starting box or in the starting box.


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