Riding the Wave

The Wall Street Journal, page A2, Thursday, November 12, 2009

“Emerging Markets Face New Tests: Riding the Wave”

“Emerging market countries that let their currencies float down during the financial crisis are seeing them float up now.”

Graphs in this article shows the cumulative change from the beginning of 2007 though the 3rd quater of 2009 in weekly data for the strength of the following currencies: The Brazilian real, the Indonesian rupiah, the South Korean won, the Polish zloty and the Chinese yuan.

Surfers ride waves, but apparently so do currencies.


One Response to “Riding the Wave”

  1. Robin B Says:

    Thanks for the great blog. I teach English and know some of my students will enjoy your writing…especially the boys! Thank you for showing the way sports influences our language. You’ve scored a touchdown with this blog!

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