American Football: Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Now that it’s football season in the U.S., one can talk about quarterbacks and what they do, as well as metaphorical uses such as “Monday morning quarterbacking.”

In American (U.S.) football the quarterback directs the offensive game of the team. He calls the plays. And in many cases he is the captain of the team.

A few years ago, Johnny Unitas quarterbacked the Baltimore team to many victories. Currently, Ben Roethlisberger is the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The idiomatic/metaphorical meaning use in a non-football instance is to direct a project For example, “Harry, you quarterback the computer software buy-out.”

College football games are played on the weekend. Professional football (Pro-football) is also usually played on a weekend. The term Monday morning quarterbacking refers to discussions after weekend games, but can be used in any instance when a person talks about the game plays in football, personal transactions and what might have happened if something had been done differently.

For example, “Harry, perhaps if we had offered them more money for the same proportion of their business the deal might have gone through.”



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