The Major League World Series

The World Series is a seven game play-off between the major league winners of their respective leagues in the United States. The New York Yankees won four games and the Philadelphia Phillies won two.

Some metaphors/idioms, their derivation, and idiomatic usage in business.

IDIOM: minor league (player or team)
In baseball, a baseball player or team that is good, but not the best.
For example, Dom DiMaggio played for the San Francisco Seals, a minor league team, before he went to the Boston Red Sox.

Idiomatic meaning: a person, business or other entity that is not the most important.
For example, The Blue Corporation is a minor league business. Go to the boss; Jerry is a minor league player.
DERIVATION: A minor league baseball team plays in small towns and cities. Minor leagues train baseball players for the major leagues.

IDIOM: major league (player or team)
This refers primarily to baseball, but can be used for other team sports such as professional football.
Major league baseball or football teams are considered the best teams.
For example, The New York Yankees is a major league baseball team. Darrell Strawberry was a major league player. Derek Jeter is a player for the New York Yankees.
In other words, the most important person or business.
For example, the president of the Ford Motor Corporation is a major league player.

IDIOM: be in the big leagues
primarily baseball
This is the same as “to be in the major leagues”
Jackie Robinson was the first black player to be in the big leagues.
Metaphorical meaning: to be a big shot, to be a major player, to be well-known
Someone might say to you: “You’re in the big leagues now. You’re playing with the big boys.”



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